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PDI Crank Damper

Our Viscous Torsional Damper is a design that consists of a Free Rotation Inertia Ring surrounded by a Viscous Silicone Fluid Enclosed
in a Laser Welded, Sealed Housing.  When Crankshaft Torsional Vibrations  Occur, the Outer Housing of the Damper Reacts with the Crankshaft, Twisting as it Rotates, while the Inertia Ring Attempts to Rotate at a Constant Speed.  The Relative Motion between the Inertia Ring and Housing causes the Inertia Ring to Shear the Silicone Fluid, which Reduces the Destructive Torsional Vibrations of the Crankshaft.  When left unchecked, these Vibrations may lead to a Cracked or
Broken Crankshaft, Valve Train problems and Premature Bearing Wear.