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Big Boss Radiator

Original Equipment Plastic Tank Radiators typically fail at the Joint between the Plastic Tank and "Crimped" Aluminum Header/Core. 

PDI's Big Boss Radiators Eliminate this Failure Mode by Replacing the Plastic Tanks and Aluminum Core with either Bolt-On (steel)
or Solder-On (brass) Reinforced Tanks and Copper/Brass Core!



* PDI's Radiator Tanks and Structure are made of High Strength,
  Heavy- Gauge Rust Resistant Steel or Brass

* Our Radiators are professionally engineered using the latest Solid
   Modeling CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEA (Finite Element
   Analysis) Software



* 100% Leak Tested Under Water before Leaving the Factory



* Wind Tunnel Tested to Meet or Exceed OE Heat Transfer